Drake Hall Prison


Present Day



Doctor Alexandra Thorne sat at the square writing table that separated the two single beds.

She had claimed the second hand piece of furniture for herself.

Cassie, her cellmate, barely possessed the ability to read or write and had no use for the makeshift desk.

The stupid woman had once placed a pile of clothing on the right hand side of the table.  One look from Alex and the pile had been swiftly transferred to the bottom of the bed.

Alex felt the right leg of the chair wobble as she pulled it beneath her.  Damn cheap furniture was as inferior as the people around her.

Had she been at her office in Hagley her legs would have slid beneath a mahogany desk.  Her backside would have been caressed by the tan executive chair.  The deep pile carpet would have cushioned her feet.  Her eyes would have rested on expensive paintings amongst the luxury for which she had worked so hard and so richly deserved.

But that had all been taken away from her.

She was holding a bic biro that had been signed for and a sheet of A4 lined paper that looked as though it would tear if she bore down too hard.

But facing forward to the stark white wall she could convince herself she was in any hostel or dirt cheap hotel room.  Not that she’d ever stayed in such a place but she could extend her imagination that far.  The lingering aroma of cheap perfume mixed with body odour added to the illusion.

She crossed one leg over the other beneath the table.  She was in no rush.  She would savour writing this letter and the effect it was sure to have.

There were many people she could blame for the direction her life had taken.  And yet she blamed only one.  A person that had not been far from her mind since the last moment they had spent together.

Alex resented the fact that no-one had seen the value in her experiments.  Given longer she would have been able to add a significant finding to the mental health community.  Her only mistake had been in choosing poor subjects who had inevitably let her down.

A small voice reminded her that she had been foolhardy in allowing her fascination with a certain Detective Inspector to distract her from her goal.

But now it was time for them to re-connect.

A frisson of excitement coursed through her as she put the pen to paper and wrote the two words that would change everything.

The letter began,

‘Dear Kimmy….’