Half Way


As I reach the halfway point of my publishing contract with Bookouture and my 50th year of age I find myself in a mood of grateful reflection.

When I was 12 years old I was isolated and bullied by my entire class for a home situation that I couldn’t control. I still remember clearly the shame and humiliation at the pointing, whispering and name-calling as I sat alone. I wanted to cry. I wanted to run from the classroom and hide, anywhere, just not there. My heart pounded and my stomach turned as I wondered how I would make it through the day.

And then something happened.

One girl, just one, named Karen Hansen sat beside me. No words, just a nod and a smile. And I had never felt so grateful in my life. As is the way we left school and lost touch but I have never, ever forgotten that one single moment and if she ever needed me for anything, I would be there.

For 25 years I tried to share my work with readers, trudging to the post office armed with A4 envelopes only to watch them land back on my porch floor weeks, sometimes months later. I was an inch away from giving up my lifelong dream of writing for a living, of actually being able to share my thoughts and stories with other people. Hope had been replaced by a quiet final acceptance.

And then something happened.

A small, dynamic publisher took a chance on both me and Kim Stone and turned my life upside down, back to front and inside out.

What was a small team consisting of Oliver Rhodes, Keshini Naidoo, Clare Bord and Kim Nash has now grown into a much larger, but no less passionate family who remain committed and driven to publish and champion their authors.

Through and with them, every dream I ever had (and some I hadn’t had) have been realised. From Amazon #1’s to paperback deals and foreign editions to exciting new ventures with the Sphere team at Little Brown.

But even more importantly, they are more than a publisher to me. I’ve said many times that Bookouture is a family and it’s no exaggeration. I can honestly say that every day I feel valued and a necessary part of this team of fantastic people and fellow authors.

I am signed to Bookouture for a total of 16 Kim Stone books and will only leave when they eventually call Security to throw me out. There are few traits I value above loyalty.

I understand that some people are driven by their own motives, some through ambition, adulation, ego but for me it’s about payback. It’s about thanking and appreciating the team that gave me the opportunity to change my life and showing them that their faith and trust in me was justified.

Thank you, Bookouture. I could not have done or continue to do this without you.

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