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Two Whole Years

The Journey So Far

It has been two years today since I signed my first ever publishing contract with the amazing digital publisher, Bookouture.  And what an unbelievable two years it has been.

When I signed that initial contract for 4 Kim Stone books I had no idea what to expect.  The excitement at having an actual real life publisher feel the same passion for my books as I did wiped away 25 years of rejection.

I worked with the most fantastic editor, Keshini Naidoo, on getting Silent Scream ready for publication I continued to work 12 hour night shifts in a job that I hated.  Each night I would head off to work and live the reality of my working life while trying to comprehend what was happening in my other, happier, dream-like writing life.

Together Bookouture and I stepped into the unknown.  First crime thriller for Bookouture and first book of any kind for me.  Neither of us was prepared for the response when Silent Scream was released in February 2015.  Two days after it’s release it […]

What a Year!!!

A year ago today my first novel Silent Scream was published by the fabulous publisher Bookouture, and WOW, what a year it has been.
Two days after Silent Scream was published on 20th February it hit the #1 spot on Amazon.co.uk and stayed there for a month. I have been asked many times what my expectations were and I can honestly say that wasn’t one of them.
March was no less eventful and I signed with Bookouture for a further 4 Kim Stone books making that 8 in total. It was around this time that I gave up my job to work full time at writing.
In May the second Kim Stone book, Evil Games, was released and sat alongside its sister Silent Scream in the Amazon top ten for weeks.
November saw the release of the third Kim Stone book, Lost Girls, which hit the top five on Amazon.co.uk. In this same month the sales of the Kim Stone novels reached the 1,000,000 milestone.
December rolled around and I found out that Silent Scream had been the FIFTH highest […]

My Road to Publication

I have been in love with words for as long as I can remember.

I spent many years writing stories based in locations I didn’t know, featuring characters I thought would be popular and storylines that I thought would be appealing.  This garnered me some wonderful letters from Publishers.  However they all contained the word ‘unfortunately’ somewhere.

Eventually I decided to write a story just for me.  I set the book in my local area and offered an ear to a character that had been nagging me for years.  You will now know this voice as D.I. Kim Stone.  As I wrote I didn’t care that the setting was not glamorous or that my character was not always likeable.  I wrote Kim’s story and it came from the heart.  I filled the pages without an editor on my shoulder or a critic in my ear.

Eventually I passed the novel to my most fierce critic.  My partner, Julie.  Anyone who thinks the people closest to us writers are obliging and appeasing should spend a day in my house.  These […]