The Journey So Far

It has been two years today since I signed my first ever publishing contract with the amazing digital publisher, Bookouture.  And what an unbelievable two years it has been.

When I signed that initial contract for 4 Kim Stone books I had no idea what to expect.  The excitement at having an actual real life publisher feel the same passion for my books as I did wiped away 25 years of rejection.

I worked with the most fantastic editor, Keshini Naidoo, on getting Silent Scream ready for publication I continued to work 12 hour night shifts in a job that I hated.  Each night I would head off to work and live the reality of my working life while trying to comprehend what was happening in my other, happier, dream-like writing life.

Silent Scream book cover Angela Marsons

Together Bookouture and I stepped into the unknown.  First crime thriller for Bookouture and first book of any kind for me.  Neither of us was prepared for the response when Silent Scream was released in February 2015.  Two days after it’s release it hit the #1 spot on Amazon and stayed there for a month.  I continued to work night shifts wondering if this was really happening or was I actually dreaming it.  Either way I didn’t want it to end.

In mid March my workplace introduced compulsory overtime which left almost no time to write and with the second book – Evil Games – due to be released in May I decided to leave my job.  It was a gamble but one I wouldn’t change for anything.


Those first few months were like nothing I have ever experienced before.  The excitement was compounded even further when the tornado that is Lorella Belli began to sell the foreign rights to the Kim Stone series.  Every single deal has been a unique and gratifying experience.  It is mind blowing that a voice that existed only in my head for so many years now speaks 19 languages.


Even more surprises were in store when, through Bookouture, I signed a print only deal with Bonnier Publishing for the first three Kim Stone books and have now had the pleasure of seeing my books appear in the shops.  In addition I also signed with Bookouture for a further 8 books bringing the total to sixteen.

Play Dead

Unbelievably, sales of the Kim Stone books have now hit more than 1.7 million copies and only a couple of weeks ago the fifth book – Blood Lines – hit the Amazon UK #1 position on pre-orders alone.


I feel truly blessed every day to have met some of the most wonderful bloggers and reviewers who took Kim Stone to their hearts and continue to champion every step of her journey.  Along the way I have been so fortunate to meet many incredibly talented and generous authors who I am now lucky enough to call friends.

My partner, Julie, continues to offer support and encouragement just as she did throughout the long years of rejection.  Just as we shared the disappointment we have shared the triumph.

I remain truly grateful to the passionate and driven team at Bookouture for giving me an opportunity to share my work with so many fantastic readers and in saying yes when everyone else said no.

The journey has continued to amaze and thrill me and I was asked only the other day by a fellow author if the excitement ever goes away and I can say with absolute honesty that, no, it never does.

Here’s to the next two years, whatever they may hold.