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Half Way

By | 2018-04-26T11:54:42+00:00 April 26th, 2018|Uncategorized|

HALF WAY As I reach the halfway point of my publishing contract with Bookouture and my 50th year of age I find myself in a mood of grateful reflection. When I was 12 years old I was isolated and bullied by my entire class for a home situation that I couldn’t control. I still remember clearly the shame and humiliation at the pointing, whispering and name-calling as I sat alone. I wanted to cry. I wanted to run from the classroom and hide, anywhere, just not there. My heart pounded and my stomach turned as I wondered how I would [...]

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Two Whole Years

By | 2018-05-11T15:39:13+00:00 September 26th, 2016|Uncategorized|

The Journey So Far It has been two years today since I signed my first ever publishing contract with the amazing digital publisher, Bookouture.  And what an unbelievable two years it has been. When I signed that initial contract for 4 Kim Stone books I had no idea what to expect.  The excitement at having an actual real life publisher feel the same passion for my books as I did wiped away 25 years of rejection. I worked with the most fantastic editor, Keshini Naidoo, on getting Silent Scream ready for publication I continued to work 12 hour night shifts [...]

What a Year!!!

By | 2018-05-11T15:39:13+00:00 February 20th, 2016|Uncategorized|

A year ago today my first novel Silent Scream was published by the fabulous publisher Bookouture, and WOW, what a year it has been. Two days after Silent Scream was published on 20th February it hit the #1 spot on and stayed there for a month. I have been asked many times what my expectations were and I can honestly say that wasn’t one of them. March was no less eventful and I signed with Bookouture for a further 4 Kim Stone books making that 8 in total. It was around this time that I gave up my job [...]

My Road to Publication

By | 2016-05-13T09:08:22+00:00 February 3rd, 2015|Publishing|

I have been in love with words for as long as I can remember. I spent many years writing stories based in locations I didn't know, featuring characters I thought would be popular and storylines that I thought would be appealing.  This garnered me some wonderful letters from Publishers.  However they all contained the word 'unfortunately' somewhere. Eventually I decided to write a story just for me.  I set the book in my local area and offered an ear to a character that had been nagging me for years.  You will now know this voice as D.I. Kim Stone.  As I [...]

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